Saturday, November 20, 2010

An 1890's kinda day :)

We got to head out to Harn Homestead today for a field trip. It's an 1890's museum grounds. To start the day off we headed over to the one room schoolhouse. 
The kids lined up, one lines for girls and one for boys to "begin their school day".....
once inside they were to sit boys on one side girls on the other, 2 per desk and not to sit down until the teacher had given them permission. A sign of respect for the teacher ;)

After going through the pledge they were instructed to take out their slates to work through some math problems. First written then orally w/o their slates as they knew the importance of being able to do mental math since there weren't calculators to whip out or cell phones, each time a situation arose.

Then they went on to penmanship. Once again since they didn't have computers or even typewriters at this point penmanship was key in communication. Thus they started with strokes that were key and moved into more complicated strokes that were key for cursive......very interesting how they moved from covering youngest to oldest with some variations for each due to such age variance in the classroom!

Finally they wrote the catechism that had been selected for that day or week. Here it was "Waste not, want not"
From there they moved on to reading, from the McGuffey reader :) Very cool, I so want to get a few of these!

The it was recess but on a cold day they were allowed to play only a set of games at their desks.

I think we may have bent the rules a bit....;)

I'll do separate posts for for the other stations since it's so picture heavy :)

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Sarah said...

That's really neat! My mom and dad went to a one-room schoolhouse. OK, I lie. It actually had a divider down the middle, thus making it a two-room schoolhouse. And I believe they sell McGuffey readers at Mardel ;)