Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Where have I been?

     So you may be asking where I've been.........busy! LOL I got to looking back at last year about this time to link to a post about my daughter and I being in "A Christmas Carol", then I realized I NEVER blogged about it!! Ack, so from October of last year, when practices started (Mon - Fri nights from 6:30 to about 9ish) till a couple days before Christmas, when the play was over, I didn't post at all~! So I guess no linking to last year, I'll just show you some pictures instead :)

Bri is the one on the far right hand side in the mop cap.
 She played a beggar in beggar's chorus and a caroler in Scrooge's counting house.

I played Mrs. Crachit.
 Me with "my kids" as a thankful family.

I was a bit irate as Mr Crachit gave a toast to Mr Scrooge! LOL 
 The sad scene after Tiny Tim dies....
 Bri and I during voice warm ups :)
So there's a low down on last year. This year 2 of the boys have joined us so between homeschooling, life on our little "farm", church, and the play we've been buzzing through life with little attention to much else ;) So though I may be scarce I haven't disappeared.

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