Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Caleb's adventure

Caleb had his first day of pre-k last friday. It was just for the morning, to work the kids into it then he started on monday with a "full day". He was REALLY excited until the night before! That morning he clung to me a bit but he never cried and when I came to pick him up he'd had a blast. I forgot my camera in the morning so I brought it when I picked him up.......which worked out fine because he probably wouldn't have smiled for any pictures this morning anyway! LOL Anyway, he's really enjoying it now and it gives the older kids and I a chance to really hit the books :)

He was being silly here and kept facing his cubby instead of me, but I BY CHANCE caught him right in a turn......he was trying to tease me but instead I got a great shot!

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