Saturday, August 16, 2008

A day at the zoo

So we had this GREAT weather the last couple of days. I just couldn't resist taking advantage of it espeically given last week it was in the triple digits! So on Tue afternoon we headed out to the zoo :) Me and the four monkeys ;)

The kids at the entrace of the zoo.......can you tell who the adventurer is here ?!? :)
Ethan seeing how he measures up to the orangatanges.
Of course everyone else had to follow suit! LOL

See, I told ya it was me and the four monkeys ;)
The kids just can't pass up this photo op, they beg me EVERY time to take their pics here.
This is at the entrance of the rainforest building.

This little fella got so close to us, he even ran right accross the rail in front of us and scared the fire out of Ethan and Brianna. But even funnier than that (wish I could have gotten it on video) was when the accuchi....a rodent type animal.....scurried accross the floor in front of Brianna and just about made her jump out of her skin! We ALL got a huge laugh! LOL
And of course no trip to the zoo is complete without a ride on the train. We usually walk to the back and ride it back to the front, passing the larger animals that have alot more space in between them such as giraffes, elephants, etc. Unfortunately this time they had turned it around so we got a nice tour behind all the buildings :( The kids were bummed. They still managed to smile as we were able to get the back seat.........a rare occurance ;)


DerbyMomof3 said...

Your zoo sounds much better than ours! The one near us doesn't have many animals. Alot of wolves, tigers and 2 bears. The rest are small animals. We would have to go to the Bronz Zoo in NY to see giraffes and elephants. Sounds fun!

Charissa said...

Watch out....It was on that very wall of monkeys that we realized "somebody" was missing from our family! :)