Saturday, August 9, 2008

We have progress!!

Well, we started this project just over a year ago. David got all the footing work and the floor built last year and then we just kinda came to a hault.......well, we've finally been able to get started again :) We worked hard as a family and got 3 of the walls framed!! We are hoping to finish the framing and start putting up decking material within the next week!! So say some prayers and keep watching ;)
Here are the kids with 2 walls up and laying out the materials for the third wall.

David's measuring and marking for the third wall.

Third wall is up!!! See where the window will be :) Man that was much harder than it looked.

Getting ready to head in for the night at 10pm!!


S.L.P said...

It's looking good! I'm so jealous!

- Shara

Melissa Mc said...

What are you building?

mom2four said...

we are building a room for homeschooling, basically a nice finished off shed ;)