Saturday, August 16, 2008

Family fun

Wed after church Dad decided to surprise us with ice cream.......and Baskin Robbins to boot! My favorite! I think the kids all loved it :)

Micah just thought he was it! Sitting in a big chair eating his ice cream all by himself :)
Caleb wanted to sit up at the big chair with Ethan :)
Aren't they just a pair! LOL

Brianna got the biggest cone of all with her whooping jr waffle cone ;) This was nice, really nice. It so reminded me of some of the fun little things of my childhood.


Charissa said...

Baskin Robbins is still around? I haven't noticed one in forever!

mom2four said...

The only one I know of is the one there on memorial, just north of 71st St ;)

S.L.P said...

Wow your kids have grown up a lot in just the short time that I've known you! I LOVE ice cream! I hope the tubes in the ears goes well!