Sunday, August 31, 2008

A fun surprise!

A wonderful family in our homeschool group gave us 5 guest passes into White Water in Branson. Sooooo, David and I planned a quick surprise trip for the kids. A friend kept Micah so we wouldn't have to worry about naps and such (I really missed him, but it was indeed nice to not have to worry about his schedule ) and we left town about 8am. The kids had no idea where we were headed except that Ethan figured it had something to do with water since he saw their swim bags :) LOL
This was the reaction of the kids as we pulled in the parking lot ...........this was after LOTS of guessing as to where we might be heading.
Here they are in front of the sign.
We went out to the car to have some snacks and drinks after we'd been there a couple of hours. This was the best thing we could have done, to pack a cooler full of stuff! Saved us a TON of money :)

Can you tell they didn't really want to stop and take this picture? They were ready to get back to the fun!!
They were looking up to see when the bucket in the picture below was going to dump and spill over :)
And this was the video of David and Caleb in the water spill :)

I was aiming to get a pic of the kids in front of the map and a nice man offered to take a family pic, I was exstatic but David was a little less excited about having his picture taken in his swim trunks ;)

Caleb coming down the water slide in the kid area :) He loved that this was just his size!

Ethan and David were the only ones that braved this ride! Ethan is on the left and David on the right.

After going on the previous ride 2 times Ethan couldn't figure out why his back hurt....hmm, wonder why?!?

This was David on the left, then Ethan, then Brianna on the far right. The first scream was David's, followed closely by Brianna :)
Needless to say they were all worn out on the way home and we ALL took naps today :)

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