Monday, September 29, 2008

2 days with Daddy

Our church had a ladies retreat this last weekend that I was able to attend so David had the kids all to himself. I left Friday morning about 7am and had arranged friends to keep the kids while David worked so the fun began for him about 6:30pm :) He took the kids to the Will Rogers and Gun museums in Claremore than after naps they went to play putt-putt while waiting for me to get in. The kids had a blast and of course think that things must always be this cool when only Dad is home! LOL 

The kids on the tank in front of the Gun museum. 
Since Micah couldn't get in on all the tank climbing he decided it'd be fun to spin on a poll :)

The kids on the rock statue of the Will Rogers museum. 
Brianna got to do a puppet show...... and Micah wanted to get in on it too :)

All the kids in front of the cave at the miniture golf club. Ethan insisted dad take this picture as "mom took one here" :) LOL 

I made the comment only Dad would have them all sit on the ground for a pic like this and he promply told me that they were waiting for the group in front of them to finish the next hole ;)

Needless to say they all had a blast!! Everyone was fed, dressed in matching closes and happy, what more can I ask for? I have a GREAT husband!!


DerbyMomof3 said...

David did a GREAT job getting all the kids in so many group photos! I guess you know none of them got lost...LOL.

mom2four said...

lol, yeah and better yet he took a total of 120 pictures!!!