Thursday, September 11, 2008

Good ole fashioned fun!

We were invited to a back to school barn party for homeschoolers in the area. It was so fun, we all brought finger foods to share. They provided drinks, worship music, and even a caller so we could learn how to square dance! The kids had a great time. David and Micah came and only stayed for a short while so they could get home for bedtime since we had church in the morning :) Micah felt right at home...... David talking to Kim, whom we got the invitation from.
Ethan, Brianna, and a friend Bethany.
Doesn't Brianna look the part?!?
One of the highlights of the night for Brianna were the bathrooms in the barn......creative stalls huh :)
And of course this night in blog wouldn't be complete without video of the square dance!

So all in all it was a GREAT night and we all had a blast!


DerbyMomof3 said...

The video was hysterical! Where are your homemade clothes? The ones that you can make from the goat fur? LOL

mom2four said...

lol! to funny :) We really had such a GREAT time though.......who would have guessed ME ?!?