Friday, September 5, 2008

oh sweet sleep :)

Well, sleep to me seems to have been one battle or another with my littlest man. When he was a baby we had issues till we figured out he just needed to sleep from 6pm to 6am, then the daytime rest fell into place. Then when he was going from 2 naps to 1 we had some really rough weeks figuring out the details ;) Lately the problem has been that he'd wanted to wake up sooooo early and many times not take a long enough nap on top of that! But praise the Lord who give us wisdom when we ask Him (James 1:5) I think we're on a roll!! I've not been letting him get up in the a.m till at least 6:30 (dispite his desire to sometimes start his day at 5:30am) and putting him too bed about 8:30. Then today I even had to wake him up from his nap at 3pm after having gone down at 12:40pm!! Praise God for answers and guidance!!

Sorry, I know the posts with pictures are much more exciting but I just had to share this news, that to me was sooooo wonderful, before I burst!!

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