Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A great day at school :)

Talk about *almost* a perfect day of homeschooling :) Yesterday Micah had therapy from 9am to 11am so we took our school work with us. With Micah in therapy and Caleb in school we were really able to hit the books. After some great advice from a few other homeschooling moms, and a book I'm reading I've slacked up on getting EVERY page done. So we hit spelling, our journals, language arts, and math (which we were able to do through playing store with money :) all at the office, and even had time to spare and read a chapter of our book we're reading together! So, when we got home after eating lunch, putting Micah down, and doing bible we were able to do some fun art :) So, everyone was happy ;)

So this was Ethan's finished product with his explination of what it was in the video below :)

And of course this was Brianna's picture with her explinations in the following video :)

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S.L.P said...

Yeah for good days! I love those days. I hope you have many many more!!!