Thursday, September 4, 2008

wow, powerful

I've been waiting to post this hoping I could find a video clip but I just couldn't wait any longer. I experianced a powerful illustration at church on Sunday and just had to share. It was communion Sunday and since we are a medium size church the pastor and his wife along with the assoc. pastor and his wife, and one other couple stand at the front and serve us communion as we make lines and file up to the front. This alone was neat to me (we are fairly new to this church) but what hit me so hard was when Pastor Mark asked if all had been served......

Someone stood up, and with a strong accent proclaimed "We have not been served, I represent the Commonwealth of Independent States, the former Soviet Union, my people have not been served and there of millions of souls waiting to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ."

Pastor: "Could you please serve them?"

one couple: "Yes, we'll serve them"

Pastor: "Now has everyone been served?"

Another person in the crowd, in spanish states (with interpretation) "We have not been served. I represent the latino and hispanic people of the world, and we have not been served, we need to be brought the gospel."

So yet again the pastor asked someone to serve them and they were served. And once again the pastor asked if everyone had now been served. Someone in tribal wear stood up and proclaimed " We have not been served, I represent the people of the nations of Africa, and we have not been served. There are people here who have never heard the name of Christ, we need to be served."

So they to were served and again pastor asked if everyone had NOW been served.

"We have not been served" said someone else through interpretation. "I represent the Nation of China and we have need of the gospel to be shared with millions, we need to be served."

So once again they were served and pastor asked if everyone had now been served........

And again, someone in the crowd stood up, covered almost head to toe......."We have not been served, I represent the Nation of Islam and the muslim nations of the world, and we desperately need to be served."

I couldn't find an example picture here without having to pay alot of money for it, but I'm sure you know what I mean.

This illustration left me in tears for the souls of the world and aching to do more either by send out missionaries with donations and prayer, or to go on my own. Please stop for a moment in your busy days and say a prayer or do something to help all the lost souls of the world.

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S.L.P said...

Wow! Thank you for sharing! We're trying to keep our community from having that same excuse (that they have not been served the gospel). Thank you for that encouragement. Praise God for drawing in the hearts of his people to do his work!