Thursday, September 4, 2008

Post "labor" day survey

I saw this on another blog and thought it was neat idea :) She post a bit about each of her labor and deliveries and the kiddos.

Child 1 Brianna

I gained about 28lbs, and was 10days late when I was induced. I had a female doctor as I never thought I'd be comfortable with a male doctor. They had brought me in Thur evening and were going to start the drip slowly overnight to get things going since it was my first birth. Well my body kicked in and of course they didn't want to have to call the doctor on call for and induction so they stopped the meds and let me sleep overnight. When they started things up in the a.m. my body kicked right in and since I was trying to go without the epidurl they gave me some staidol to help with the pain..............that made me sick as a dog and I was vomiting almost through delivery. Needless to say I ended up getting the epidurl. I was only in labor that morning for about 4-5hours. When it was time to push, having never delivered a baby before and not being able to feel things with the epidurl, I wasn't pushing right and the doctor (who wasn't my dr but actually was her husband) was getting worried because the cord was rapped around her neck and there was meconium in utero. So unbeknownst to me there was a team of about 10 doctors streaming in to prepare for an emergancy c-section...........just then David explains to me what I'm doing wrong and how to correct it and a couple pushes later she was out. She weighed a whopping 9 lbs 1 oz!

Child 2 Ethan

This time I gained about 35 lbs and I believe it was about 10 days early that my water broke in the middle of the night. This time I was still induced as I wasn't contracting :( And of course this was after they'd had to stop my labor 2 times due to car accidents! I now had the same male doctor that had delivered Brianna and we were comfortable/familiar with each other. I once again was in labor for about 4hrs but had a harder time pushing due to his broad chest. He however only weighed 7 lbs 9 oz :)

Birth 3 my surrogate baby

I think I gained about 35 lbs once again, and I was also induced as I was having problems with high blood pressure. I believe her birth weight was 6 lbs something, but I'm honestly not sure. I was also in labor about 4hrs. I had a WONDERFUL labor and delivery nurse as well as the nurse that cared for me in my room afterwards. And I had also used the same male doctor again.

Child 3 Caleb

He was a month early as my body hadn't really had time to recover from the previous birth (I got pregnant only about 2 months afterwards.) I had gained about 30 lbs and he weighed 7lbs even :) I don't remember why I was given pitocin.....maybe my contractions wouldn't pick up?!? I was in labor about 3-4 hours. I had the same male doctor. The neat thing was that the same nurse........I sooo wish I could remember her name..........happened to be there and was able to attend the birth with me! AND the recovery nurse heard I was there and popped in to see me too :) That was a neat special touch for me.

Child 4 Micah

I gained about 27 lbs with this pregnancy. My labor would stop and start alot and of course every time I'd go in to get checked I would have dialated but then things would just stop :( So finally after walking around dialated to a 4 for 2 weeks we went ahead and induced yet again....this time I was only in labor for about 2hrs start to finish!! I'd had the same male doctor and that same labor and delivery nurse!! She was just going off her shift but she went ahead and stayed and we had such a fun delivery. We laughed right up till the end :) I got an epidurl again, but was so upset because I always get a migraine as it's wearing off, then I delivered with in MINUTES of getting it.........I so could have made it only that much longer!! Then the big joke was as the doctor and nurse were leaving they said "we'll see you in a few years!" I told them this was it, we were done.........and she reminded me that that's what I said with my surrogate baby and why I had done it, yet here I was ;) LOL


Christine said...

Thanks for sharing. How very wonderful of you to be a surrogate mom.

S.L.P said...

Neat idea. Thank you for sharing! Is it ok if I steal the idea from you?

mom2four said...

yep Shara, go right ahead ;)