Saturday, March 7, 2009

Baking Bread

At Keepers this month we learned how to make bread from scratch! Something I personally had no clue how to do but soooo wanted to learn. We got a great lesson about the nutrition of a wheat grain too. Did you know that most of the nutrients in a grain of wheat are in the found in the smallest portion of it?

See, the germ is only 5% of the whole kernal but it contains the most nutrients. There are 30 nutrients found in the germ, but when we buy wheat flour in the store it's been processed and only 4 of those nutrients remain (still good but not as good as fresh). Needless to say I'd love to get a wheat mill so I can grind (don't worry it's electric so it only takes minutes) my own fresh flour. The only catch is once you grind it you have to use it within 3 days so it doesn't spoil ;)
Oh, and that 85% Endosperm........that's where we get white flour :) and it has the least amount of those nutrients, especially when we bleach it.

So now that we had some education we went to the store and bought both whole wheat flour and bread flour (cause if you use ONLY the whole wheat it's a much more dense bread, but I want at least some of that so it's more healthy ;) and we got started on our bread :)

We made 2 batches so we could make a variety of things and Brianna wanted to give some as part of a gift to her cousin :) Oh yeah, and in the process of all this our washer flooded Micah's room, so as if the whole timing part of making bread wasn't enough we added a nice little monkey wrench into the whole thing! LOL

And without further's a portion of our finished product!
The tin container is a heart shaped loaf tube :)
Now we can have sandwiches on our own freshly made bread!!


Sarah said...

That looks awesome! I need to get the recipe and the proportions of wheat to bread flour that you used... I'm inspired!

S.L.P said...

Wow that looks really good! I can't tell you how many "bricks" I made my family eat before I got it right. Now making bread is a regular activity for us. We even got a grain mill so we could gring our flour fresh. (I feel like the little red hen).

mom2four said...

Yep, I want to make sure we're going to be regular enough at it to justify the expense of a mill :) But I sooo want one!!

Anonymous said...

Looks tasty! :)

How did you get involved w/ Keepers, is it a homeschool thing?

mom2four said...

It's not a homeschool thing, but that is how I found out about it :) We actually have kids in our group that homeschool as well as ones that go to public school. We may have an opening if you think you might be interested email me and we can chat about it :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, looks yummy! We did bread last fall in our Keepers group too, and it inspired me to ask for a grain mill for Christmas. I love it!! I have gotten to where I can make a decent whole wheat loaf if I add gluten. I'm using hard white wheat and I'm hoping to get some soft white soon, so I can mix them together and use it for other baked goods (cookies, muffins, etc.)

Sheila W. (from CHEER)

bro said...

Looks very yummy! I love making bread - but it's usually all gone in one day!