Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Um, a what??

Life is so...........unpredictable :) So as an adolescent I thought off and on about the idea of homeschooling but nothing to deep. Then once I had children the thought crossed my mind some, but nothing to serious, just passing thoughts. And living in the country...... although I had thought parts of it would be neat (as a child and teen) overall I wasn't an outdoor girl, so no. I mean I was the child in upper elementary that would go help in the kindergarden class so I wouldn't have to go to recess! LOL So here I am living a life NO ONE would have guess (just ask almost anyone I knew growing up) so why I am I still surprised by these unexpected things when they pop up??? LOL

So one Sat morning I got a call from a friend asking if I wanted 2 deer fetuses.........uh what? So she did some explained as to how and why she had them and said she just thought my kids might be interested in seeing them and learning about the growth process :) So a couple days later we met up so I could pick them up. Of course my son is VERY interested and would really like to dissect one and my daughter thinks the only thing neat are the cute little hooves. LOL (She's her mom all over!) So we kept them on ice for a few days till my dear husband got some fermaldihide so we could store them for our "school lab" ;)

So here is one of them......... (stored by the way in a quart size canning jar)

See the hooves?
And this is a closer view of it's head. And on the left I think the skin broke in transit because the bone is sticking out a bit :(

So now I think we're going to do some research and see if we can determine about how old they were or what stage of developement they were at. If any of you more experianced homeschoolers have any recommended sources (other than google. LOL) we'd love to hear about them!


Sarah said...

I am intrigued, and I'm very curious to know how your FRIEND got them in the first place? That's not something you find every day.

Melissa said...

As a homeschooler who just recently cut open owl pellets, this is pretty cool. But, as a female, this is kinda gross!

Anonymous said...

I want to be intrigued, I really do...I'm just sort of grossed out though. LOL