Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sad but reality

Ok, you know how we planted our seeds indoors last Tue....we've been watering and sunning them daily. Well when it's been warmer I've put them outside on the hood of the van so they'd get better sun..............today dh thought they'd slip off so he told me he'd moved them to the top of the van. What do you think happened? Yep, we left and all the hard work my kids had put into those 2 containers...............Brianna had done one and Ethan one............well Brianna's (my sentimental one of course) went kersplat on the road but Ethan's was caught just in time. Thankfully we had plenty of seeds left so I just had dh buy a new container, thing is now that puts us a week later on our growth, not bad except for the tomatoes and peppers which were already behind for starting from seed :( But hey, we can always buy those as plants! Needless to say I explained to dh that this was why I put them on the hood.........so I don't miss them :( The worst part was that the container we lost had 12-18 seedlings that were sprouting, Oh well at least they should sprout quickly again!

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Anonymous said...

Oh bummer. :(