Saturday, March 28, 2009

Fun with friends

I didn't take near enough pictures, but we had a VERY busy spring break. We got together with friends at some point EVERY day of spring break! This sunk in for Brianna on Wed and she pointed it out to me just how busy we'd been :) Thur evening we were finally able to have some friends over from church for a bonfire..........we'd been under burn ban for quite some time. After we got done eating and roasting marshmellows the kids had a blast ;)

Caleb being pushed by a friends..........
Caleb's turn to give her a push :) Don't know why my camera lens was so dirty?!? It wasn't raining or anything.

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DerbyMomof3 said...

I can't believe how dark Brianna's hair has gotten. I am sure it will lighten up in the summer. I love the pic of her holding the kid. True country photo.LOL