Saturday, April 19, 2008

Ahhh, the adventure!

Well, is there really ever a dull moment in the Taylor house? I think not!! David and I have been talking off and on for awhile now about getting goats or a cow. We started getting some information about where we can buy them cheaper at least to start out. What they needed for care and food, and all the likes. So today was the big day to go check out the auctions and see how they work. Oh there were cows, horses, goats, sheep....... The kids really enjoyed seeing all the baby animals of course ;) and bummer :( I forgot my camera!! Anyway, they had a BLAST petting the baby goats who were the only animals accessible. Well, we watched and they were going we bought TWO goats for $25!! Now we go to find out more detailed they don't give you that! So we have 2 goats (David is gone to pick them up now!) that we aren't sure their exact ages....or if they are fully weaned....and all we know is that 1 is a nigerian dwarf goat!! How's that for an adventure :) Well I'll post some pics later, he's on his way home and we've got to build a "house" for them and probably get some bottles!!

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