Sunday, April 13, 2008

Fun times with family

Well, it's been a BUSY week. Dad and Cathy were here visiting, along with Robbie and Katie. They stayed with my sister and of course I forgot my camera every day but the last!! So here are the pics all in one shot. Dad won Micah over the first day with food.......parmesean goldfish :) Micah took right to him. He's the one that also stuck around and hung out with the grandparents most as my other two were busy playing with their cousins and their aunt and uncle. (Robbie and Katie are 14 and 11 so the kids had a blast playing with them.) I wish we could have seen them more while they were here, but there's always next time............

Brianna, Katie, and Kenzie
Micah had gotten one of the boys nerf darts that had suction cups on the ends.....this became a source of great entertainment for him for probably an hour. He went back and forth between my sister and her husband, and both my dad and Cathy. No surface was safe!! LOL

The boys with their "serious" smiles.......

And of course being boys, they had to do silly faces too!! LOL

Of course more dart fun!!

Caleb didn't have many of these moments with the adults as he stayed true to form and played shy except with the kids :) I'm sure Robbie had more than enough time w/this 3yr old, he stayed right there along w/the big boys and fought for his chance to sit by Robbie too. All in all it was a good week.

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