Tuesday, April 22, 2008

settling in

Well, the goats finally have names :) Chloe is the little girl and Eddy is the boy. Chloe has already been taking us for a bit of a ride! She was apparently sick when we bought her but is hopefully now on the mend. I took her to a fellow homeschooling mom's home (who lives WAY out past Locust Grove....almost an hour away) who raises goats to get checked out and get some medication. She soooo graciously gave Chloe some shots she needed as well as giving me LOTS of great advice. After some VERY strong doubts about what we'd gotten ourselves into I think we're gonna be ok ;) Eddy is great, he eats like a champ and loves our company. The kids are having a blast with them and their friends think it's pretty cool that we have goats! LOL I haven't taken many pics yet but I'll get some and get them on here :)


Charissa said...

It was fun seeing you, even among all the chaos of 9 kids. Or was it 13? :) Let's do it again soon!

mom2four said...

Yes, it was fun catching up :) When do your kiddos get out of school?