Sunday, April 6, 2008

weekend fun :)

Well the kids had elementary school game night on Friday night
and one of Brianna's friends stayed the night, these are pics of them playing on Sat afternoon :)

^ Brianna messing around on the rope swing.

Her friend Emily making herself dizzy :) --->

Ah, sweet friendship!

Ethan had to get in on the fun too!!

The three buddies chillin' on the trampoline :)

They had fun doing *some* work, and LOTS of play. That's ok, they were patient when we had to run all our errands to David's job site and such so we let them play. We had a feast of sorts outside for lunch and enjoyed the lovely weather!

David was hard at work trimming the dead part off a dying tree and attaching rope to hold it up so it can grow stronger.

While Micah was busy drinking daddy's big drink!!
I'll post the rest of the weekend pics tom, it's late and this has been a long day!!

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