Friday, April 18, 2008

family time

You know, we've never been super great about the family time thing. I mean I'd love ideas from those of you w/an age mix of children like ours.......9 down to some things just aren't very do-able. Games w/small pieces (little ones choke or throw pieces everywhere), movie nights (little ones don't sit still through them), but the older ones are still young enough to not be up much later than the little ones either.... BUT last night was GREAT. We taught daddy the game "poor kitty" after I had taught and played it with the kids earlier that day. They had a blast and Micah played nicely with some toys in the same room. THEN Caleb REALLY wanted to play "duck duck goose" so to appease him we decided to play a few rounds. Well I wish I could have captured it but Micah joined in walking the circle saying duck on everyones head!!! It was adorable then when the person who was REALLY it said goose to someone he'd get in on the chasing!! It was absolutely priceless :) It was his first "big boy" game that he kinda played :) A HUGE step for me to see that the wonderful family time I so want is one step closer!!! It is indeed a work in progress ;)

PS. Now I've added a digital recorder to my list of wants so I CAN post videos ;)

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