Thursday, April 24, 2008

A first time for everything ....

Brianna and I are in a group called "Keepers of the Faith" and Brianna gets to learn so many skills and lessons in etiquette. Well this month they were supposed to host a tea party :) At our monthly meeting they talked about proper etiquette for a tea party and they types of foods you might see then told the girls what they needed to do to earn their badges. So today was her long awaited day!! Last night she made the chocolate covered strawberries and angel food cake then today she made the sandwiches :) Everything was beautiful. I couldn't choose which pics would be best to share so I had to share all of them :)
Her w/Ethan who was also on his best behavior!!
And here's the food :) doesn't it look yummy!
Ethan and Brianna patiently waiting through all of mom's and my pictures.
And me with the two of them.
And us three girls :)
Ethan sipping his tea. He had 3 different kinds cause he's say he liked it then change his mind and try another kind :)
Brianna REALLY liked the strawberries she made. I think she ate 10!!
Caleb HAD to have a nap, but we woke him up a tad early and let him in on the party too :)
The place setting Brianna made for me.
..........and for herself.......
..........and for Ethan....notice how messy his spot got ;)
......and Grammy's.........
.....and last but not least..Caleb's :) weren't they beautiful!!
And of course as a true hostess would SHE did the dishes!!! All in all it was a beautiful afternoon and definately something we'll be doing more of :)

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