Friday, April 4, 2008

Almost the end of a busy week :)

Well, it's Friday :) ahhhhhh..... we had a dr appt this a.m. for Micah's OMT and he is making GREAT progress in his hearing!!! Praise the Lord, we probably won't need tubes ;) The OMT seems to be doing the trick and draining the fluid!! He'll have another OMT appt in 3 weeks, then one more 3 weeks later and then we'll re-evaluate. Then we came home to do eat lunch, do naps and get the house cleaned up and ready for our "boys" afternoon playdate. That ended around 5ish and we straightened back up, ate some dinner and Ethan and Brianna were off to an elementary playdate w/our homeschool support group :) Tom we'll be busy working on getting the garden ready and cleaning up the yard as my dad is coming to visit this week, and in the middle of the day I have a baby shower for a friend. Then Sunday.............ahhh, a day of rest!! Dad gets in Sunday evening or Monday sometime :) This week just makes me tired THINKING of all we've done and had going on!! LOL Hopefully tom we can get some great pics of us working in the yard :)

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Bob said...

Great photos and a wonderful way to share the weeks activities.

Did you read the R.I.P. coupons article listed on MSN's website yesterday? It mentions that coupons are going electronic, seems newspaper subscriptions are on the decline.